About Goldsmith Insurance

With over fifteen years experience in Finance and Insurance, Sam Goldsmith brings a wealth of keen judgment, knowledge and understanding to his profession.  As the Principal broker of Goldsmith Insurance Agency, based out of Denver, Colorado, he is responsible for the sales and management of the organization specializing in Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Annuities, and Pension Planning. Licensed in over 45 states has helped Sam grow his business exponentially.  Since starting our website in 2007 Sam has helped placed over 800 policies into force, well over six hundred thousand dollars in annual premium.

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Sam now lives with his wife Talia and sons Brody and Hadley in Denver, Colorado.  A graduate of Indiana University, Sam has earned recognition and achievements in the local community. After graduating college Sam attended the Dale Carnegie Management Program. Shortly after completing the Carnegie program, Sam attended The Pacific Institute’s cognitive psychology boot camp by the author Lou Tice.  Cognitive Psychology is a passion of Sam’s and he choose this program to continue his growth in working with people.

Sam has always had a passion for athletics excelling in many sports. He looks up to athletes and professional coaches who have achieved the highest success and some of his professional sport hero’s were graduates of this program to the likes of Pete Carroll Head Coach for the Seattle Seahawks and Bill Belichick, Head Coach of the New England Patriots. Sam being born and raised in Indiana is a die-hard Colts fan but truly appreciated the coaching that produced numerous world championships for the Patriots and in Sam’s beliefs, is the primary reason the Patriots have outperformed the Colts in the last decade.

In addition to his professional affiliations, Sam has been very active in his community, having served on the board of the Police Athletic League, as well as a Board member of the Jewish Community Center, a United Way Agency.