What Our Customers Say About Us

“We appreciate your follow-up, your attention to every question, and the quick call-backs. That is NOT the norm any more. Your service and diligence to find the lowest possible rate for Steve was successful and we are happy customers. Talia is no slouch either!”

Steve and Reenie K.

“I just want you to know that I could not have been more pleased with the quality of service that you perform. You always went out of your way to make sure that I fully understood all the options that I had available. Everything was handled quite professionally and in a timely manner. The most important thing was that I never felt that it was an agent/client relationship. You always made every contact personal and I like that. It’s like doing business with a friend whose looking out for your best interest. Keep doing things the way you do; IT WORKS, and I would not hesitate to recommend you!”

Lauren M.

I must tell you that working with you was a pleasant experience. You offer a good product, you had the best price, you answered all of my questions, and you kept following up. That’s good business. I have nothing negative to say. If I do find my friends in need of insurance, I will certainly tell them about you.”


“I felt that you were very honest and easy to work with. I really appreciated you letting me know the things that would help me get the best rates available. I will definitely let people know about you that are in the market for insurance.”


“I was contacted by Sam Goldsmith after putting in a request on the internet for a life insurance quote. He was wonderful in explaining the differences between term life and permanent life–something I never truly understood. Every interaction I had between Sam and Talia was very professional and informative. I highly recommend using Goldsmith Insurance Agency to make sense out of what can be a very “cloudy” subject.  Thank you both for all your help!”


“It was a pleasure working with you. Your combination of professionalism and a good sense of humor were very refreshing. You come across as an individual who is truly concerned about what is best for his clients and for that reason alone, I will be happy to recommend you to anyone seeking your services.”


“I was totally pleased with the sincerity and professionalism offered to me when I sought information on life insurance from agent, Sam Goldsmith. I did not feel “forced” to make a decision and took my time investigating Assurity Life Insurance. I highly recommend Mr. Goldsmith and will let others know of his company, expertise, and professional manner!”

Susan H.

“I want you to know that everything is great and you were wonderful and understanding, I’m very happy to have chosen your company and will pass the word on.”


“It was great to work with you. I really appreciated that you were not overbearing and trying to sell me on things I did not want or could not afford. You listened to me and then respected that I wanted a few weeks to think about it. There were no follow up phone calls to pressure me. It was also nice to not get that used car salesman slimy feeling from our conversations. You were very knowledgeable, professional and helpful, but let me come to my own decisions. I would absolutely work with you again in the future as our needs change and would recommend you to others.
Best of luck with the arrival of your new baby, and thank you for being supportive and interested in the arrival of our first child.”


“Thank you Sam for your help in getting my husband life insurance. I have dealt with many insurance agents and each and everyone has lied to me. Since you are a broker, I feel like you actually worked for us to get us the best deal because you are not tied to one company. I have already told my daughter and her husband to contact you for their policies. With three kids and they are only in their 20’s and have no health problems, now is the time to purchase a policy.They will be contacting you after the first of the year.

Thank you again for your help.”

Susan C


“You have done an excellent job in helping me find a suitable insurance program. I will definitely refer you to my friends and relatives for their insurance needs.


Raj U

“Dear Sam,

Thanks for helping to get the policy. Sure i will give your contact# to my friends if they are interest on taking any life insurance policy.



I guess this means that it was issued.
I thank you and enjoyed working with you.”


“Hi Sam,

I feel very lucky to have come across you. The way you stayed in contact was outstanding as were your efforts to bring me the best policy for the lowest price. I appreciate your honesty and sincerity.



“hi sam it was a good pleasure working with you this morning on my life insurance policy. i’m glad to have it now. and i will for sure give your name and number to others for you to work with”

Michael C


“I actually thought you are very good, know your business inside and out and appreciated and understand that I do not like dealing with insurance issues and you made it as painless as possible.

Thank you.”

Marsha W.

“Hi Sam:

Thank you for your help that my family is protected.
I think overall process for this purchase is smooth and pleasant. Timing and efficiency is great.
I will hep you with referrals.


“Hi Sam,
I was very happy with your services. You kept on top of Transamerica Life Insurance Company to make sure I was excepted. I don’t know what else you could have done better.

Thanks again for your help.”

Jerry M

“Aaron and I both agree that you provided us with an excellent service and we plan on returning to you for our future needs. We feel that you were extremely knowledgeable and were able to educate us on things that we did not know. It was great to work with you because you were also very prompt and efficient. We appreciate that. Overall it was a great experience and we look forward to working with you in the near future and hopefully you can help our families!

The Burtner’s

“Hi sam, thanks for all your time on this life policy. It helps me sleep better knowing i have it in place. you are very professional and i am glad i took my time with this.

thanks so much,”


“Hi Sam, Thank you for your good work and persistence!

Again thank you.”

Grant M.

“Sam: No complaints, I found it very easy to work w/you and you were very helpful and informative. I will keep your information handy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to friends and family if the subject of life insurance would ever come up.”

Catherine F


“You were very pleasant to work with. Very patient. Understanding of a delicate situation. Not pushy. Waited until I was ready to make a decision. One gentle discreet reminder that you were still available, worked very well. Understanding of the discreet nature of the transaction. Very professional. “Johnny on the spot”- a call the very few minutes I made an inquiry online….that was impressive. I liked doing the business quickly over the internet. I also liked that you gave me time with no pressure to review the policy.

All in all, a very satisfactory transaction. I will highly recommend you to all of my friends! I am looking forward to getting the actual policy in the mail.

Perhaps more influence on what the rating of the insuring company may have been a good sales tool too.


Angela H.

Hi Sam,

I just wanted to say thanks again for all the help you provided to me. Working with you was a pleasure. I just wish I would have made this move sooner! You could have saved me a lot of money. You seemed eager to work with and for me, and I will be willing to recommend yourcompany to anyone.Thanks again for your service!




Your approach is very reputable and professional. What sets up apart from other insurance businesses is that you go the extra mile to try to help your clients.

I am very thankful for all the help your wife and self gave me in trying to schedule the appointment for the blood work.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends and acquaintance.

Thank you,



Mr. Goldsmith,

Hey for a long distance stand point the service you provided getting me coverage for life insurance was awesome.  I got lots of information from you that my own insurance agent with State Farm would have not even have tried to help me with.  I am pleased with the outcome of my coverage and you working hard to get me the best coverage with the most amount coverage I wanted for the price range I can afford.  I can say I am glad I discovered your company.

Matt B.

Sam and Talia
My thoughts about purchasing life insurance for my Dad, was awesome and unique experience, you were polite and full of information. In my Dad’s case I did not  believe that he was going to passed his physical, to my surprise he did.
All your follow up phones calls and answers to our questions were done in the speedingmatter.  So on behalf of my Dad’s I Thank you for such a smooth purchase.
Sam you were great man. First class. I just wish you would water your lawn more.
Thanks again for your service.

James L.


If u would like to mail me some business cards I would be glad to spread your name. Or I can just send them to your website. You were very easy to deal with and very pleasant to deal with especially as busy as I am sorry about that by the way you were very patient threw out the entire process.

Dary B.



We just wanted to take a minute out of our busy holiday schedule and thank you for all of your efforts in getting our life insurance policies into place earlier this year.


As you know we had experienced several “roadblocks” through another agent and when we came across your telephone number decided  to give you a call to see if you could help us.  You were able to get everything taken care of for us in a very timely and seemingly effortless manner, all the while keeping us informed of every step along the way.  We truly appreciate this.


Thank you so much for giving us the peace of mind of knowing that our family will be taken care of should anything ever happen to either or both of us.


We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.


Thanks again,


Jim and Susan Hunt

Thanks Sam,

Your agency was extremely helpful in this transaction and I believe the Keene family will benefit some day in the future from your diligence in leading me through this purchase.

Thank you,



Hello Samuel

I was quite pleased with the service that you had to offer.  You took the time to show me all available options that would work for my needs.  Indeed I will reference anyone that I know looking for insurance.

Thanks Again,




I have had a great experience working with you to get my insurance taken care of. Both yourself and Samuel have been informative and easy to talk to in making the correct decision for myself and my wife Vanessa. I will mention your service and great pricing to people whom might be looking for insurance. I look forward to talking to you in the future.
Thank You Again!
Sergio Calo

Hi Talia,

I received the policy on Saturday. Thank you. The process was extremely easy and painless. You and your husband were very responsive and professional. I am going to do my best to send you referrals.
Thank you,
Yes, I wanted to thank you guys for all of your help. From the very start, all I received from your firm was prompt service and very informative assistance. One of the parts that most impacted me was the initial personal call placed by Sam when I signed up for more information on your website. Sam guided me through the process and I was very pleased to be able to get a premium package with Sam’s help. I highly recommend your firm and will be sure to refer you guys if anyone has any inclination of wanting life insurance. Thanks again, and keep up the excellent service.
Thanks so much, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. I would
definitely recommend your company to others in the future. You handled
everything in a fast and professional manner and I really appreciate you
taking the time to answer my questions promptly.Stephanie Harrison

Good morning, Talia. I wanted to reply back to you with regards to your email. I worked directly with Sam on preparing and enforcing the life insurance policy for my husband, George (only because he doesn’t “do” paper work – LOL). Sam was enjoyable to speak to and although there were a couple of snags along the way the experience itself was excellent. I really felt that Sam was on our side trying to find us a policy that was affordable and suitable for our needs. The policy he found for my husband (who smokes) is actually more than $25 less expensive than the policy we had prior and accidentally let lapse. I could tell in speaking to Sam that he genuinely loves what he is doing for a living and values the time he has with his family as well as his clients – which was very important to me.
In closing, I would like to state that I will most definitely recommend your agency to my friends and family!
Best regards,
Rosemary M.

Talia,  Thank you and Sam for helping me to secure Life Insurance.  It was great working with Sam and I appreciate everything he did for me.

Thanks Again.
Sherry G.
Your Welcome Talia, and yes we are very pleased with your service!
Will you let us know when the policy is in force so that we can cancel the Hartford Policy we have.
Thank You…and have a wonderful day!
Elaine Garcia
Our family would like to thank you for answering all of our questions and helping us each find a suitable life insurance policy. We really appreciate that you were able to take care of everything in a very timely manner. We will certainly recommend you to our friends and family.
Thank you,
Doris, Milena and Dora


Thank you for your assistance with my mother. It has been our pleasure working with your company. Mr. Sam has always gave me excellent service with the feeling of utmost importance. We will definitely always use your company with our future needs.


Angelia Burnsed




John B
Talia,You and Sam have been a tremendous help in getting me policy.  I appreciate
all the hard work that you all have put into this.  I will defiantly refer
others to you.  Have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving.V/r
DaveI really enjoyed working with you it was a easy process and well worth it. Me and my wife saved a fortune over the 15 year term policy. Thank you for all your help. Sal and NicoleTallia,I am very glad I found you !! You & Sam took the time to explain this process to me very well & I really do appreciate both of you! I will definitely recommend you to anyone in the market for insurance. Thanks DanTalia,You and Sam have been a breath of professional fresh air. It was easy to work with you, I felt you were honest, fast and professional. I am glad I randomly found you online and looking forward to working with GIA into the futureSincerely,

Collins Kamau


Dear Talia and Sam:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I want to thank you for the extraordinary service provided to me by Goldsmith Insurance.My experience with purchasing my life insurance through your agency was awesome.  I am amazed that without  face to face personal contact (Goldsmith Insurance in Indiana; client Peterson in Florida) we were able to complete the purchase.  Every detail went very smoothly.  From the onset, Sam understood my goal as well as my financial limits and remained on course to achieve both.  He was thorough in explaining the details of the policy more than once. He explained the illustrations.  He was patient in answering my many questions.  He was accepting when, before making a decision, I wanted to pass the information on to a friend for her input as she is very knowledgeable in life insurance.  He was extremely diligent and timely in the numerous follow up calls and emails.  He was affable, customer friendly and exuded “I care”

As I attempt to ponder what could have been done differently to improve the process….I can’t think of one modification that would have enhanced the process between Goldsmith Insurance and myself.

However, regarding Lincoln, I would say that the time factor from completing the application to receiving the policy was quite drawn-out. Personally, I didn’t mind because I was in no rush. However, this may be a obstacle for others who assume the process would be completed in a shorter period of time.

My experience with Goldsmith Insurance has been flawless.  Thank you again for your exemplary service.

Best Regards,

Marie Peterson

Talia & Sam,
Thank you very much. Everything has been great.
Hello Sam and Talia, Thank you for getting me approved. Process went great.


R. Hobbs  🙂
Thanks Talia
That’s great news. It was wonderful working with you and Sam.
Tim Martin

The service provided by Talia and Sam Goldsmith epitomizes the professionalism and personal attention clients should expect from their insurance agents. Sam was excellent in guiding me through the various policy options and explaining their provisions in simple down-to-Earth language.  Meanwhile, Talia always kept me abreast of the steps needed to secure the policy that was tailored to my specific desires.  Even though I never met them in person, they both came across as individuals who truly cared about their clients and took great pride in their customer service. Sam and Talia made you feel like you had friends sincerely looking out for your welfare.  They were always available to answer any questions.  Together, they are a great team that I would recommend to anyone seeking competent agents and quality service.

Thank you both for walking me through a complicated process.


Donald “Patrick” McGeough