Disability Insurance

While we are primarily a life insurance agency, Goldsmith Insurance is a full service agency that can provide many types of life and health insurance products.

Most people don’t realize that their greatest asset is not their car, home or savings/retirement account. It is their ability to work…to earn an income. Without your income how will you pay your bills and save for the future? Disability Insurance, along with an emergency fund, helps minimize the impact a disability has on you and your family. It provides you important financial benefits at a period when your income is reduced or completely eliminated.

The statistics related to disability and the effect it has on families is devastating. The Senate Finance Committee reports that 70% of people between the ages of 35 and 65 will become disabled for three months or longer and 90% will occur “off the job”. In addition 50% of foreclosures and 17% of bankruptcies are due to disability. With 43% of US families spending more than they earn and 72% not having enough savings to meet short term emergencies, the need for disability protection is crucial.

Our website was specifically designed to provide you an informative method to evaluate costs and coverage’s in an efficient, thorough and private manner. Our disability plans focus on providing the broadest eligibility for all types of professions and avoid add-on coverage’s which increase the cost and are not a good value.

We work with all of the top insurance carriers and are able to help you get the absolute best rates for your needs whether that be finding the best policy for you while being a smoker, or needing a no medical exam policy, we can help!

Call us toll free to learn more about our disability plans. Whether via the Internet, over the phone or in person…we look forward to being of further service.