Ohio National is highly rated Life Insurance Company that has been around for over one hundred years with a wonderful and successful history.  Their individual life sales business has grown for a remarkable 21 years straight. Even with our economy, they are still a growing, vibrant company. When one is looking for life insurance coverage, whether it be that you are healthy, you are looking for a policy with high risk health issues and need a no medical exam policy or looking for a smoker term life insurance policy, it is extremely important to know that the company that is chosen will be around and solvent years later when it is time to cash in on a policy.  Past performance is extremely important to factor in as it demonstrates the company is reputable and financially secure. When shopping and comparing rates its good to avoid brokerages like Zander Insurance and use a real broker that will compare Ohio National to other companies.For your reference we also offer many company reviews so you can learn more of the pros and cons of each one, such as Banner Life Insurance Review or AARP Life Insurance Review.Ohio-National

Ohio National Assets and Good Business Practices:  Ohio National Life has 30 Billion in assets and are given an A+ rating by A.M. Best. Also, A.M. Best rates their ability to meet on-going claims as superior.  And, Ohio National Life doesn’t play the games that other life insurance companies do; other insurance companies have increased the cost of insurance by increasing mortality expenses in order to generate revenues.  Ohio National Life has never increased mortality expenses; indeed, they have lowered the cost three different times.

Ohio National Great Term Life and Whole Life Pricing: Ohio National Life is among the top ten in pricing for term and whole life insurance on 3rd party quote engines like ours. They are definitely one of the top insurance companies with which to compare pricing. Their life insurance products are not limited to Ohio, they are approved in most states.

Ohio National thoughts on the more negative side:  Ohio National Life has rather conservative underwriting guidelines.  This means that if you get a quote and it seems that they have the cheapest rate, it would be prudent to check with an agent to be sure that you actually qualify for that rate. Example:  Ohio National’s underwriting guidelines do not allow presently for blood pressure treatment within their Super Preferred Class.  Also, their weight chart is not very forgiving.  Therefore, your blood pressure medication and weight could be two reasons that you couldn’t qualify for their best rating.  If you applied to another company with more liberal guidelines, you could qualify for their best rating and pay less for their best class than Ohio Nationals’ premium for their second best class. Also, they don’t allow sales leads from the internet. I don’t agree or understand how they think the quality isn’t there as I help consumers all over the country with their life insurance. Ohio National Life seems to be an old, established company with a good, reliable history.

Ohio National Life Insurance would be a company that one would feel will remain, as it has the past one hundred years, a safe company  in which to place your trust for reliable life insurance coverage.  They do seem more conservative, however, regarding their underwriting and ban on internet leads.  Do you research and call and independent life insurance broker.