Globe Life Insurance Review, you deserve honest, affordable life insurance rates.


Globe Life Insurance Is one of the young kids on block and like a new kid, sometimes you try to stick out and disrupt the school yard. Globe Life Insurance, with their marketing tactics and efforts do more harm than good in the industry in my opinion and is a perfect example of why most consumers cringe at the thought of purchasing life insurance.

Globe Life Insurance is the last thing a consumer needs when searching for the best products and pricing. Globe Life Insurance advertises tricky fine print and misleads consumers into thinking its the most affordable life insurance on the market.


Globe Life Insurance  has a handful of marketing pieces that all consumers should review thoroughly before buying life insurance. (We also have reviews available for companies such as New York Life Insurance should you be interested.) Many also believe that they should not even attempt to purchase life insurance because of their smoking habits. That’s not the case! In fact, we can help you find affordable life insurance for smokers!

Consumers should review all marketing from Globe Life Insurance in depth and compare with other companies before making a decision. Ensure you are getting the best product and price seek out an independent life insurance broker who can help you obtain multiple free life insurance quotes.


Globe Life Insurance Facts to Know


Globe Life Insurance advertises that $1 buys $50,000 of life insurance… really? I know there are Dollar General stores all over the country selling items for $1, but you shouldn’t believe that you can actually get good life insurance for $1. Globe Life Insurance offers the first month’s coverage for $1. Subsequent months are priced based on your age.


Globe Life Insurance wants you to think that you can actually get good life insurance for $1.


If you buy Globe Life Insurance, the small price to pay may actually translate into a big price to pay.


I would ask Globe Life Insurance, What does that $1 truly cover?

Some Globe Life Insurance rates and policies are not long-term level guaranteed premiums.

if my family owned Globe Life Insurance I would personally never feel that my family was protected by a $1 investment in the unlikely event of my early demise. Would you feel comfortable planning a funeral on that same dollar?The term pricing advertised for Globe Life Insurance is based on the first 5 years; therefore, you are only buying a 5-year guaranteed price.Unless you only need 5 years of coverage, it is more affordable to price 10-, 20-, and in some cases, 30-year level term policies from companies like Banner Life Insurance or Snoopy at Met Life, which guarantee rates for the entire level period. As an example, when pricing $50,000 of 20-year level term with Banner (I am a preferred best risk), I qualify for rates under $11 per month. These will remain level for 20 years.Globe Life charges $36 per month for their cheap term life insurance. Nowhere on their website is it written that this price is only good for 5 years, when it increases! Before you obtain a quote from any company, you should contact us to help you better understand what your quote actually means.


Unless you only need 5 years of coverage, it’s more affordable to price 10- to 30-year level term policies from other companies.


Globe Life Insurance offers no exam applications.


Globe Life Insurance is not meant or you healthy folks! If you buy life insurance and there are no medical records exchanged nor exams administered, you are buying a cheaper product in which every applicant is pigeonholed into a substandard risk class on a black & white approval basis. The no exam policies sold through Globe Life and other companies (Monumental Life, Colonial Penn, Fidelity Life) assume the consumer to be below average in health. Consequently, they overcharge healthy people for coverage. The flip side is that some consumers are not in perfect health. There are some circumstances in which a policy without physical or medical records makes sense. The best consumer ammunition is comparing insurance and shopping around. Find an independent life insurance broker who can provide multiple life insurance quotes. We offer free quotes right here on our website.


Globe Life Insurance No-Exam Policies over-charge healthy people for coverage.


Globe Life Insurance is not a brokerage, always Compare Rates With a Licensed Independent Life Insurance Broker

When a consumer contacts a company like Globe Life Insurance, the consumer only gets Globe Life Insurance quotes.If the same consumer calls an independent life insurance broker like me, the consumer will get rates from all the life insurance companies which allows them to:

  • compare insurance;
  • avoid getting cheap life insurance; and
  • review quotes from all the top insurance companies in the world.

You should always shop around for affordable rates.


When shopping Globe Life Insurance, you Should Compare Multiple Companies. When shopping for life insurance, it’s best to compare multiple companies such as Primerica Life Insurance CompanyNew York Life and AARP. Globe Life Insurance Company is one of many that uses marketing pieces that all consumers should review in depth to compare before making their next purchase. In order to insure that you are getting the best product and price, seek out an independent life insurance broker who can help you obtain multiple free life insurance quotes.

When a consumer contacts a company like Globe Life Insurance, the consumer only gets Globe Life Insurance quotes. If the same consumer calls an independent life insurance broker – like Goldsmith Insurance – the consumer gets rates from all companies. This allows them to compare insurance, avoid choosing the wrong company, and review quotes from all the top insurance companies in the world.


Globe Life Insurance is one quote, why not look before you leap?



Globe Life Insurance is one resource, one insurance company, there are plenty of  other companies to compare. Look before you leap. Call Goldsmith Insurance and get the best coverage for the best price. Don’t sign your name until you check with us first! With technology today, it’s so easy to compare insurance by looking for a life insurance quote from an independent broker. Have you thought about if your parents have planned for their funeral costs?  Our agents can help you whether you’re purchasing insurance for you or your parents.



Globe Life Insurance Company History



Globe Life Insurance Company has been in business since 1951. The company started when two individuals pooled a $60,000 start-up investment of borrowed capital. When Globe Life Insurance started, they wanted to offer the best accident and health insurance to rural Oklahoma. Globe Life currently holds more than $69 billion in insurance in force. It has more than 3.9 million policyholders. Globe Life Insurance has decent financial ratings because they rarely pay claims and by selling teaser rate type policy many consumers cancel their coverage before a claim has to be paid.


Globe Life Insurance Products


Globe Life Insurance Company offers a wide variety of products. These include life insurance for both adults and children, as well as Medicare Supplement coverage.


Globe life offers both term and whole life insurance protection to adults.



Globe Life Insurance for Adults


Globe Life Insurance offers term life insurance, policyholders are offered pure death benefit protection at cheap rates because they are teaser rates . In fact, Globe Life Insurance offers a cost of only $1 for the first month on term life insurance protection for coverage of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $50,000, $75,000, or $100,000. After the first month, the premium rate is based on the policyholder’s age at the time of policy issue.

Globe Life Insurance offers whole life insurance, but compared to the other companies, its extremely overpriced.

Globe Life Insurance for Children


Globe Life Insurance company also has plans for kids. For those who wish to protect their children with life insurance coverage, I would never recommend Globe Life Insurance, but they do have this available.


Globe Life Insurance Young American Plan


The Globe Life Insurance Young American Plan is a whole life insurance policy that will protect a child for up to $25,000 in coverage that will also build up cash value within the policy. Unfortunately like their other products, this Whole Life Policy is overpriced and not worth the paper its written on.



Customer Testimonial

“It was great to work with you. I really appreciated that you were not overbearing and trying to sell me on things I did not want or could not afford. You listened to me and then respected that I wanted a few weeks to think about it. There were no follow up phone calls to pressure me. It was also nice to not get that used car salesman slimy feeling from our conversations. You were very knowledgeable, professional and helpful, but let me come to my own decisions. I would absolutely work with you again in the future as our needs change and would recommend you to others.” – Wendy


Accidental Death Coverage


For policyholders who wish to increase their coverage in the case of an accident, Globe Life also offers Accidental Death coverage. Those who are between the ages of 18 and 69 can lock in their coverage. Acceptance is guaranteed. These individuals can obtain up to $250,000 in added protection. There is no medical exam necessary, and the premiums on this coverage are guaranteed to never go up.


Mortgage Protection Insurance


Many individuals purchase life insurance for the purpose of paying off large debt such as their mortgage. For this reason, Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company offers mortgage protection insurance.


If, due to an accident, a policyholder is suddenly unable to pay their mortgage payment, having up to $350,000 of accidental death coverage can be a great help to their loved ones. With this policy, the premiums will never go up – for any reason. Acceptance is guaranteed if the policyholder is between the ages of 18 and 69.


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