Is Banner Life Insurance a good company? Most consumers cringe when shopping for term life insurance quotes and whole life insurance quotes espeically when they are not in the best physical health or for those who are looking for insurance for their special health needs or smokers life insurance rates. There seems to be more misleading information on the web than legitimate, this is why I offer several company reviews such as Primerica InsuranceNew York Life and AARP to help you get a better understanding of who the companies are and what they offer. If you are in search of a no exam life insurance policy, we have helpful information for you as well.  But every once in a while you come across a company like Banner Life Insurance who offers great pricing, great products, and is a top rated carrier. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Banner Life Insurance for your insurance solutions

Financial Stability:  At year-end 2011, Banner had:

  • Over $456 billion of life insurance in force & over $5.7 billion in assets
  • A+ Rating from AM Best website
  • As of December 31, 2011, Banner has: An investment portfolio that is highly liquid with diversified investment grade corporate bonds and highly rated structured securities:
    • Portfolio is 98% investment grade.
    • Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) holdings are 83% A or better and 62% AAA.
    • Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) holdings are 98% A or above with 68% AAA.
    • Asset Backed Securities (ABS) holdings are diversified with 98% AAA.
    • No exposure to:  mortgage loans, equities, collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), & credit default swaps (CDS)
    • No owned real estate.

Best Pricing: When searching for quotes online, Banner Life Insurance seems to be the least expensive life insurance  rates, while at worst, top three. It makes sense that a well operated company with low expenses and high margins should be able to provide the best insurance solutions.  As an example I ran a quote on Sam for one million dollars of twenty year level term. As expected Banner life was priced the lowest at five hundred and thirty five dollars per year with SBLI, AXA, and Genworth priced higher. A well recognized life insurance company like Met Life, mostly because of Snoopy was priced at over six hundred dollars for the same policy. Here is an example where a misinformed consumer or agent might push overpriced Met Life because of name recognition over finding the best value.

Banner Life Insurance Term Conversions: If you own Banner Life Insurance already or you are considering them, a great benefit is the free rider to convert your Banner Life Insurance Term Policy into a permanent policy without proof of insurability. This means that if you have a current term policy in force with Banner Life and you feel now you might want insurance for the rest of your life, Banner Life Insurance will allow you to convert that term plan into a permanent plan without having to prove your health again. The health rating you qualified for when you applied for the insurance is the same rating they would use to convert your term to permanent. This is an important rider for later in life when final expense and burial plans might come up and or estate planning, gifting etc.

Consumers deserve straightforward details and info: There are so many misleading companies, products, and offers regarding life insurance, it’s nice to find a company who doesn’t participate in this type of marketing. Banner Life Insurance Company provides the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. If you are dealing with an independent life insurance broker you can rest assured that any company recommended is going to be legitimate. Banner Life Insurance like other top companies will not tease you with a $1 gets you 1 month of coverage Like Globe Life (sometimes called global insurance) does. Banner Life Insurance won’t change the pricing every five years like NYLAARP/AARP Life insurance does. Banner Life Insurance doesn’t have to mislead you to buy coverage; they can entice you with the best pricing of any carrier in the country.

Banner’s No-Lapse UL Insurance: Banner Life has the best product for those looking for affordable permanent coverage by offering No-Lapse Universal Life Insurance. This is a very popular product because it offers a guaranteed death benefit and premium FOR LIFE. There is little to no cash value in this product and anyone looking for a low cost lifetime guaranteed policy should strongly consider Banner Life Insurance No Lapse Universal Life.

Banner Life Insurance, while not well known, has carved out a niche as the affordable life insurance company. They are one of the few companies that can offer you: financial security, affordable insurance, accurate and reliable marketing, and a term conversion option. Sam has been lucky enough to develop a strong relationship with Banner Life Insurance through his years of helping consumers shop for the best deal on affordable life insurance. Why not consider shopping for free click below.