Cheap life insurance rates I don’t like to use the word cheap when describing life insurance, but clients ask me all the time “is there such a thing as cheap life insurance”. I assume if you are reading this you realize we all need some form of life insurance to protect our loved ones or business interests. Finding affordable life insurance should be a priority to all of us, so lets take a few minutes to review the tricks for all consumers to find “Cheap Life Insurance”. If you have questions about no exam life insurance, we can get you the answers you are looking for.

1. You are what you eat & drink:

When applying for life insurance, part of the process is to have a physical and most times a review of your medical history. What we consume has a direct impact on our health. If you eat fatty foods, drink a lot of booze, and or drink lots of caffeine then you are not helping your cause to find cheap life insurance. The simple answer here is cut out all the junk, eat well and slow down on the booze and caffeine for a few weeks before you take an application. Have a few drinks here and there won’t increase your costs as long as there is no history of a DUI or DWI

2. Time is of the essence:

The older we get the less healthy we become and the harder it is to qualify for life insurance. Also life insurance pricing is based not only on our health but also our age so time is of the essence. Don’t wait to buy your affordable life insurance  until later. If you are frugal like me then I guess its ok to want “cheap life insurance”

3. Smoking or using tobacco will increase your rates:

cheap life insurance Tobacco and smoking are bad for our health, we all know the facts. So if you are applying for life insurance and looking for cheap life insurance, unfortunately its not in the cards. There is one caveat to this in that smokeless tobacco users can qualify for non smoker rates with a few companies. the key to finding cheap life insurance for smokers is using an independent broker to compare all the companies. But if you really want the most affordable rates, quit smoking for 12 months and non smoker rates are available.

4. Don’t be a risk taker:

I hate to be a party pooper but if you engage in risky activities you are going to pay more for your life insurance. Pilots, race car drivers, scuba divers, hang gliders, rock climbers etc all take more risks than Mr. Mom taking care of his family at home. If you want cheap life insurance to protect your family, then quit these risk hobbies or activities…

5. Are you a shopper for Cheap Life Insurance?

My wife calls me Frugal Frank, because i like to get a good deal. As a matter of fact i don’t know maybe people that enjoy overspending on something. Whether you are shopping for a car, new TV, home appliances or life insurance if you want to find cheap life insurance you need to shop. The good news is you have found a shopper right here at my brokerage, and I would be happy to shop your life insurance out to over fifty different companies, we can let them fight over you!! The best way to find affordable life insurance is use an independent broker to shop for you.


Cheap life insurance is out there, I don’t like calling life insurance cheap, but the reality is if you want the best deal on life insurance its important to follow these rules and most importantly find some help with an independent broker.