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NYLAARP is the acronym for the AARP Life Insurance Program sold by New York Life. In all my years shopping life insurance for consumers the biggest concern I have in the business continues to be the no questions asked coverage sold by NYLAARP.  AARP promotes a few different products from NY Life. You should run, not walk to an independent life insurance broker like me to compare rates and details if you or your parents have NYLAARP or are looking into buying life insurance from them.  NYLAARP life insurance rates might be overpriced, do your research!

1. NYLAARP is OVERPRICED for the HEALTHY– If you are a healthy consumer, a non-medical, no questions asked type of plan assumes you to be very sick and therefore over charges for the coverage. NYLAARP sells this no medical type policy and the details and fine print are not easy for the layperson to understand. If you are in need of no exam life insurance or have certain health conditions such as diabetes, we can help you find affordable life insurance.

2. NYLAARP and GRADED DEATH BENEFITS – Most of the plans offered have a two year graded period which means if the insured dies in the first two years there is no death benefit paid, just a refund of premiums.

3. NYLAARP PRICING Iis not ALWAYS FIXED – Most policies that NYLAARP sells to consumers are not fixed level pricing, they offer teaser prices to get the consumer to buy, then raise the rates after the first three to five years.

4. NYLAARP FULL DISCLOSURE – AARP is considered a trusted source for the senior market.  If I wasn’t a savvy seasoned insurance professional with years of research, I wouldn’t know that this supposed trusted source is offering life insurance to the senior market and might not be explaining all the fine print that I would want my parents or aunts and uncles to understand. If you or your parents are seniors and are looking for final expense coverage, its always best to shop and compare and don’t rely on one companies quote.

5. NYLAARP is not YOUR ONLY OPTION – Find a trusted source to educate you and help you shop all carriers to know your options. An independent broker can compare and shop all companies to insure you get the best price and company.