Reviews of Life Insurance Companies


Insurance Companies

There are hundreds of insurance companies out there.  Figuring out which one is the best fit for you is can feel overwhelming.  One of the things that make what I do fulfil is taking what appears to be a tangled mess and making it simple for others to understand.  The reality is that as long as a company has a good financial and customer service record they should have an opportunity to earn your business, no matter whether you have heard of them before or not. This is why working with an independent agent is vital to getting the best rates, especially if you have health issues and need a life insurance policy with no medical exam or need smoker life insurance, we can work with different companies to find you the best rate as well.  We can shop all the life insurance companies that are available in your area and come out with the best rates.  Because we are reviewing price and service from the different companies all the time, you get a real picture of which company will not only give you great rates but will also treat your family well in the event that something was to happen to you.

Company Reviews

As a part of this site, I love to provide value to my current and future clients.  A part of that is giving my opinion and experience with different companies.  To help you get a better feel for some of the companies out there we have done several reviews.  The companies have been chosen mostly off of a question that I get from clients.  If you ever have a question about a company you can feel free to contact me and I will be happy to give you the run down on the advantages and disadvantages of using that company.  Below are the companies I have written up my full review on.

 Founded in 1845, New York Life has established itself as a major player for insurance. Get a better understanding of New York Life in our review HERE. There seems to be a State Farm office in every town no matter how small it is. While they are a good provider they may not be the best choice. Learn more in our State Farm Life Insurance Review HERE
 Globe is a HUGE insurance company but has problems with pricing for most people. There are specific niches where they are good though. Learn the ins and outs HERE. Banner has established themselves as a top insurance company and has become very competitive on pricing. Get more information on Banner HERE
 AARP is the largest insurer for people over the age of 50. And while they are trusted and a solid company you can frequently get lower rates if you shop around. Get a better understanding HERE. Farm Bureau has established themselves with a great name in the market. Learn more on if they are the right choice for you HERE.
 Part of the international Aegeon group Stonebridge has big financial backing. Get the breakdown of their pros and cons HERE. A mutual insurance holdings company Ohio National works a little differently than the others on this list. Get a better understanding HERE.
 Zander is not an insurance company but an insurance agency that sells insurance. They have become super popular because of Dave Ramsey but they have some practices that may surprise you. Get the details HERE. Like Zander, Primerica is not an insurance company and were owned by citigroup until 2011. Learn more about how their selling model works in my Primerca review HERE.