Life Insurance for elderlyLife Insurance for elderly is becoming more popular as life expectancy has increased. The good news is if you are elderly and looking for affordable life insurance you can feel secure knowing that there are great options available. Most would assume that seniors and elderly already have their final expenses planned but unfortunately many don’t.  Whether you have pre-existing conditions or not life insurance gets more costly as you age, it is important to be smart and savvy when shopping for a policy in your golden years. This is where this website will come in very handy.


Shopping life insurance for elderly seems to be a daunting task. Utilizing an independent broker like us makes your job easy by saving time and money. Understand that some carriers are friendlier towards seniors and the elderly because they have a history of working with that age group and there is an understanding of the needs of that age group. Older folks have different reasons for obtaining life insurance and because of those specific needs you should really consider how important it is to work with an independent life insurance broker that understands those needs and can help you compare multiple companies who specialize in the senior market.


Life insurance is sold based off risk. When shopping for life insurance for elderly be prepared with details of the proposed insured. Details you should provide are:

  1. Medical history
  2. Current medications
  3. Heredity of parents and siblings
  4. History and details of any other application or current life insurance policies


Being well prepared with the above mentioned information will help you efficiently shop rates for life insurance for the elderly. The good news if you are not willing to provide all this information and not willing to do an exam there are still options to buy coverage without the hassles of a physical or medical records although prices are more expensive if you aren’t healthy. They can even help you find life insurance rates for smokers. That’s why its important to speak with an independent life insurance broker to help you understand what best fits your needs.