For full disclosure, I am not an agent of New York Life and I can not provide New York Life quotes on my quoter, if you want to compare New York Life Insurance Rates to the masses you must do your own research.

NYLAARP is AARP’s offerings to the senior market for life insurance. Who would have thought that the life insurance AARP promotes could potentially be overpriced for the majority of baby boomers and seniors out there? Before my time back in the ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s, the seniors in this world were well-respected. Consumers and retailers alike respected our elderly and tried to do right by them. I guess in 2019 all AARP and NY Life cares about is their bottom line, because for any healthy baby boomer or senior, NYLAARP is overpriced and misleading. The insurance offerings being promoted by AARP through new york life insurance is in my opinion inferior to the marketplace.

Unless you are very sick, a no-exam policy is not in your best interest.

AARP promotes a life insurance policy called NYLAARP, which doesn’t require lab results and medical records to determine price. Therefore, they assume everyone to be below average in health, which correlates to high prices. Bad health = higher prices.The only people who would benefit from NYLAARP as their life insurance would be those who can’t qualify for plans elsewhere. There are many people who feel they could not qualify anywhere else. Examples include people looking for cheap life insurance for smokers. In fact, smokers CAN find cheap life insurance – and we can help you shop around for rates to fit your needs.

People in this category may have been declined for health reasons and/or may be older and have neglected going to the doctor in over a decade.


Are you a diabetic but still want affordable life insurance for diabetics? Let us assist you in your search. The easiest way to get the best deal is to compare and shop multiple companies through an independent broker – like Goldsmith.

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NYLAARP promotes teaser pricing:

When a senior is looking for final expense life insurance, most will tell you that budget is a big factor, as most live on a fixed income. Well, most of the products that NLYAARP markets are not level premiums; most go up every 3 to 5 years.If you are buying life insurance, make sure that the policy has a fixed level premium to ensure you can afford the policy. An independent life insurance broker can compare rates from multiple carriers and confirm that the policy you buy has guaranteed level premiums.

Customer Testimonial:


The service provided by Talia and Sam Goldsmith epitomizes the professionalism and personal attention clients should expect from their insurance agents. Sam was excellent in guiding me through the various policy options and explaining their provisions in simple down-to-earth language.  Meanwhile, Talia always kept me abreast of the steps needed to secure the policy that was tailored to my specific desires.

Even though I never met them in person, they both came across as individuals who truly cared about their clients and took great pride in their customer service. Sam and Talia made you feel like you had friends sincerely looking out for your welfare.

They were always available to answer any questions.  Together, they are a great team that I would recommend to anyone seeking competent agents and quality service.

– Donald “Patrick” McGeough

Graded Benefit life insurance is not the best product.

The “no-question, everyone-qualifies” product that NYLAAP offers has some fine print to read carefully.. Many own this type of coverage without understanding the specifics. A graded benefit product grades or limits the benefit for the first 2-3 years the policy is in force.In other words there is no coverage if the proposed insured dies in the first few years of coverage, in other words, read the fine print! Life insurance should protect your beneficiaries the day the policy is put into force.If you have graded benefit life insurance from NYLAARP or are considering it, please contact an independent broker to compare rates for life insurance with level benefits from day one. Protect yourself and your family.

The Verdict: NYLAARP might not be in your best interest.

NYLAARP, the life insurance arm of AARP, unfortunately markets and advertises products to the baby boomers and senior market with a ton of fine print. Do yourself a favor – if you have their insurance or are considering it, talk to me or another independent life insurance broker today to compare and shop plans with an unbiased expert on your side!

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